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Hawthorn Strip

Six-thing Hawthorn Strips (Hawthorn Candy)

Hawthorn is both food and medicine, according to theory of traditional Chinese medicine, hawthorn has better effect of appetizer, dissipate feed, activate blood, scatter stasis. Modern medicine has been proved through research, hawthorn contains organic acid, which can increase digestive enzyme secretion. In addition, hawthorn has the effect of softening blood vessels. It is especially popular with the elderly and children.
Our team consulted 57 TCM doctors on the formula and conducted more than 100 product surveys. According to the scientific test results of the recipe made this Six-thing Hawthorn Strip. Now the haw strip quickly become one of our best sellers among the domestic and overseas market.
Six ingredients, effective integration. New taste texture, soft and glutinous.
Scientific ratio, sweet and sour moderate, careful selection of materials, pure taste.
We are the only one who has zero additives.
Enjoy quality, reject inferiority.

Ingredients´╝ÜHawthorn, white sugar, orange peel, Chinese yam, Chinese date, poria cocos, malt

Product type: Candied fruit
Specification: 108g * 40 bags / CTNs (Can be customized, OEM accepted)

Package: Inner bags, outer cartons (Independent small bags inside)

Shelf life: 12 months

Edible method:
Eat immediately after opening the bag.

1.No pigment, essence or preservatives added
2.Selected fresh Hawthorn
3.All new product, well recognized by consumers.
4.Small independent packs, easy for carrying and sharing.

Samples policy: Free samples are available, customers usually have to pay for the shipping freight.
Payment method: T/T, L/C at sight, other methods please consult with us first.
Lead time: Usually 15- 25 days after order confirmed, OEM orders will be slightly longer.

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